Friday, May 22, 2009

Why I hate Necrons soooo Much...

"Commander Tellos...the Necrons just ripped through our armour...the Ninth company is gone with most of the Sixth and Seventh company. What are your orders sir..."

Tellos looks at the Assault Sergeant and replies "Where is the Chapter Master at did the First and Third Company make the jump out of system...?"

"No sir, I just heard that all hands were lost with minimal loss to the Necron fleet...We have just our single Battle Barge sir, we are down to maybe a company strenght and we cannot hold the west any longer..."

Tellos looks at him and replies..."Your words were always the truest my friend...have our men fall back in good order get what armour you can salvage and get everyone back to the thunderhawks where is Chapl...." Into Tellos com link... "COMMANDER TELLOS...This is General Vargus of the PDF Forces south of your position...we are being overrun with metal monsters and all but our heaviest weapons are of no use...DAMN IT MAN FIRE EVERYTHING AT IT NOW...HOLY EMPEROR...TAKE OUT THE ONE ON THE LEF......."....static is all that is heard on the other side...

"Sergeant the PDF forces are gone...double time it now or we will be next...I have a plan to finish this and make sure our deaths were not in vain..."

The Sergeant nods and takes out of the command tent.

Tellos walks over to Epistolary Arbalan and says..."Your men may be the last of the Librarium for our chapter..." Arbalan only nods and looks over at the only member in Terminator Armour Chaplain Faust and Faust says "Faith is our strongest weapon against these monstrosities but we will need more in the coming days when we rebuild...If the reports are correct we are down to three Tech Marines, one Librarian and three Chaplains and most are in this the Emperor decrees we were luck enough to have the senior members join you Commander Tellos or the command staff of our offices would have been destroyed..."

Tellos walks over to Faust and places a hand on his shoulder pad and says "Faust know that this day is far from over these necrons will rue this day as we will finish them with an exterminatus...with our battle barge we shall fire all of our cyclonic torpedoes upon this world and the Emperors fire shall burn this planet clean of the enemy..."

Tellos takes his hand off of Faust shoulder pad and turns to his company champion Cephesus and says "Have all of our weapons and everything not bolted down in the armour put on the battle barge...EVERYTHING...have the servitors reprogrammed for the task now...Faust you and your fellow Chaplain gather everything that can be from the Sancity use however many servitors as needed and have it moved to storage bay well everything you can get up there I want there now...every relic will be saved..."

Turning to his Command Squad he says..."Men it has been a pleasure to serve with all of you but our job is not finished...we will finish this fight and take our fight to other tomb worlds...we will destroy every trace of the necron virus as we can..."

A tactical Marine runs into the command tent "Commander, I have an urgent communication from orbit...the Aurora Chapter heard our hail...they are here with the remaining Ultra Templar fleet that was on the other side of the system we have a clear path out of this sector..."

Tellos only grins under his helmet..."You heard the need to waste time here now...lets get this done..."

Faust walks out with the command squad and Arbalan in tow to begin the preparation of evacuation...

-----------A Few Hours Later--------------------------------

As the Battle Barge Death's Reaper left orbit Commander Tellos askes "Are the warheads primed..." "Yes commander" was the reply from the deck...

He looks at the planet one last much lost...50 billion souls...almost a whole chapter worth of warriors...all but five ships of the chapters lost...all because of those cursed necron warriors...

He presses the button on the control panel, over fifty rockets spearheaded towards the planet...right before they hit the atmosphere the all broke apart into 10 miniature versions...over 500 rockets his the planet perfectly...the computer reported no malfunctions...the planet turned into a second sun and the Necron fleet around the planet disappeared...

The five ships of the Ultra Templar and the three ships from the Aurora Chapter jumped into the warp away from the planet...

---------Two Weeks Later----------------------

"Commander Tellos...I am Chapter Master of the Aurora Chapter...I am truly sorry for the loss of your fellow Templar but now is not the time for you already know...There will be a representative from the High Lords who will ask you a question or rebuilding the chapter or going out on one final crusade until you are all killed off...I have a third option...join my chapter..."

Tellos looks up at the Chapter master and asks..."What are you talking about...join your are already almost filled to the 1000 mark..."

The Chapter master only grins..."You have not heard...a company was separated from us a long time ago and we thought our brothers lost...but they were recently found and will be rejoining us...there numbers were never truly told as they thought themselves cut off from the rest of us they rebuilt the chapter around the company and remade the chapter out an extra 100 men or so will not be given a second look at..."

Tellos grins getting his meaning..."A new chapter would be built from the two chapters...maybe being divided into three our gene seed is from the same might work..."

--------The Next Day-----------------------

"Commander Tellos...tell me what you are thinking...I can tell it is weighing heavily on your mind..."

Tellos looks over at Faust and Faust only grins and says "I am the Chapters Master of don't need to be a Librarian to see into your mind and see the stress you are under...I too am under a great deal of none I have seen before but with the Emperors Guidance I am handling it quite well..."

Faust grins again..."Well enough to help the others of our chapter in their time of need..." He walks over to Tellos and places his gauntlet hand on the commanders shoulder and says "we have lost many good men this past few months...we are down to only one hundred and seventeen men...good men all but that is barely a company strenght."

Tellos head drops and says "We were lucky we saved all the land raiders and tanks...Our battle barge and four strike cruisers that were on the other side of the system...and they held most of the men that survived...Faust only thirty-five men made it off the planet...THIRTY-FIVE out of one thousand..."

Faust only nods his head as he says "Many more will fall if we do not do what is needed...But know this those men that fell are with the Emperor now...And they shall be there when we fall in battle as well..."

Tellos looks up at Faust and nods as he says "My men will not have died in vain against those Necrons...I have gone through our data banks...there is a tomb world within a weeks travel time from our current location...a dormant tomb world...we could go in set a few melta bombs and blow the tomb up from the inside...and then move onto the next one..."

Faust walks over to the desk in the room and says "Or...we can join the Aurora Chapter and their men and fight along side them against all the enemies of the Imperium..."

--------Five Months Later-----------------------

Five bolter rounds rip into the upper torso of a Necron warrior as he slowly stands back up after the last rounds...exploding the torso.

Tellos looks over at the Sergeant and says "I trust the Melta Charges are set..."

The Sergeant nods and says "Yes Chapter Master Tellos..." Tellos only laughs and says..."No I am Commander Tellos only...I am not worthy of the title Chapter Master...How many men fell today..."

The Sergeant removes his helmet and grins as he says "none Tellos...all men are fine a few are cut up from a fight with squad of Wraiths but we know how to counter them now and no men were lost...The Melta Charges are going to go off in 20 minutes which gives us two extra minutes to get out of the blast radius..."

Tellos nods and says "Then the order is given all men are to report back to the staging area..."

The Sergeant nods and reattaches his helmet and gives the order. Tellos looks over at the last Necron warrior he just destroyed and walks over and rips the head off the neck...then attaches it to his belt next to the other three just like it...

The Sergeant then says "Four tomb worlds in as many months with the loss of only three men...our Chapter Master would be proud..."

Tellos nods and says "Yes he would be..." Then he turns and leaves...

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