Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The Ultra Templar Verus the Necron Hordes...

Well as you guys can tell I have a nice little army of Space Marines...and I am not even done yet...much less painted any of them but the Ol' Terminator Chaplain...(by the way he has lived through six battles and not taken a wound yet...but he kills a lot). As of last week I was able to get my brother over 2500 points of necrons for him to paint and bla bla bla...Well he finally got most of his Necrons glued together and I was able to convince him to play a game last night...

2500 Points of Necrons Vs 2500 Points of Ultra Templar

The Necrons consisted of:
Necron Lord w/destroyer body
Necron Lord
2 groups of 5 flayed ones
4 Immortals
3 Destroyers
4 Destroyers
2 Heavy Destroyers
3 groups of 10 Warriors
1 group of 7 scarb swarms
1 Monolith

It comes out to be about 2000-2100 points but ehh he said it was 2500 so I did not complain...haha...I just made my own 2500 point list

2 Terminator Chaplains w/Storm Bolters
2-5 man Terminator Squads w/Assault Cannons
1 Dreadnought
5-10 man Tact Squads (lascannon, Missile launcher, 2 Heavy Bolters, Multi-melta)

2 Land Raiders that were attached to the Terminator Squads and each squad got a chaplain to run with.


Turn one:

His Turn:
He moved his men the 6 inches and tried to take a few pot shots...Monolith just sat Armour saves saved the three shots that actually hit...

My Turn:
I fired my Land Raider with the two Twin-Linked Lascannons at the now it would just be terrain for the entire which point I laughed and said now I just have to keep killing the robots...and I did...I really did...

Turn Two:

His Turn:
Well he was close enough to take a few more shots at me as I had moved up my last turn and took out his two Heavy Destroyers and all his Destroyers and Necron Lord on Destroyer Body...and all but one Heavy Destroyer got back up...and he Stayed to the end of the game no matter how many times I put him down...that WBB roll is sooo evil...

I lost three Ultra Templar out of 50 during this turn.

My Turn: I was able to do my Rapid Fire into two full squads with all my marines...on top of this I was able to get my terminators squads to disembarq from their land Raiders one on each side of the table...they fired into a warrior squad a piece...Faust and his squad killed their entire squad in front of them...My other Chaplain however did not kill but 3 necrons out of the squad in front of them...I also did not move them close enough to assault in this turn either which was my fault...

My Dreadnought moved up and took a pot shot and killed a destroyer again and then turned to fire the storm bolter but it miss fired and nothing happed...I can see it now...*Dreadnought fires the Multi-Melta blows up a Destroyer...turns to fire the Storm"SON OF A"*


Turn 3:

His Turn:
most of the necrons get back up and fire into my squads...I lose 2 more marines...and I only grin...he even fired at my Dreadnought only for his armour to shrug it off and Terminators took two full squads of warriors firing into them...I made it even easier for him and only took the invul saves on them...each shot that actually hit me was saved on the invulv saves...that was almost 20+ shots and all saved...My Terminators only grined as his 4 destroyers took their 3 shots a piece to be saved, by all but one terminator...

My Turn:
I Marines rapid fired into the necron hordes killing almost all the terminators charged the destroyer squad who just killed one of their Battle Brothers...and ripped them apart...the Land Raider they were in killed off some more warriors behind them...

My Marines got into hand to hand combat with his scarb swarms...riping into them and only losing one marine and the entire scarb swarm was wiped out...

Turn 4:
His Turn...the destroyers were all unable to make their wbb rolls all but one and his did a leadership test and passed and moved away just far enough so I could not catch up with worries...the warrior squad behind him charged my terminators...Only to be slaughtered down to one warrior...

He passed his leadership test and moved away and I did not choose to go after the one warrior...I move my Terminators another direction where the fighting was stronger...

My Turn:
I killed all but one squad of warriors at this point with my Rapid Fire shots...on top of the Land Raider and Land Raider Crusader...the only squad that made it was the one on the back row...and it still lost a few men...

Turn Five:

His Turn:
His Heavy Destroyer finally took out my dreadnought...and the explosion was unable to take out the destroyers in front of him...well one did but still I wanted to take out the whole squad Destroyer Lord included...haha

My Turn:
He was down to one squad of warriors as his flayed ones were killed off before they could do any damage as they telported marines just turned around and killed them off...

My Terminators were angry now and charged in...but to no avail...they were all killed off leaving only Faust alive and kicking...and boy did he get angry...the only left after that battle was a fully pissed off Faust and a one wound Destroyer lord...who passed his leadership and jumped away...I would have too...haha

at this point I just opened fire with everything I had...and killed off everyone...

every troop and necron on the field was killed with concentrated bolter we had ignored the less then 25% rule so we could keep playing I killed everything he had...By the end of the game I had killed every model he had and only a single flayed one was able to make his WBB roll...

I had only lost 5 Terminators, a Dreadnought, and 7 Battle his entire army...I think that was pretty good...but I will say this now...I think he will start winning if he can play the game better as we both are still getting use to how to play the game...

but Fasut Model in his Terminator Armour has not taken a single wound in the last 6 games...

5 Win-2 Draw-1 Lose

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