Thursday, May 21, 2009

The Surviors of the Ultra Templar Chapter

I had an idea the other week or so...stop with the Power Armour guys right where I am at (enough for maybe 8 full tact squads and 2 assault squads)...stop with the Terminators (at 15 or so)...stop with the tanks (I got two Land Raiders, 2 Predators, 2 Vindicators and a whirlwind...) and go with scouts...(which I only have a 3 man scout bike team...)

I mean think about it...Scout stats are as good if not better then most other armies elite choices...their weapon skill and balistic skill is as good as a guards man but their Strenght makes up for everything else...

Somewhere on my computer at home is how the Ultra Templar were all but destroyed by the Necron armies (similar to what happened with the Crimson Fist and the Orks)...the only surivors were the 5th company and a few men from the 4th company, 3 chaplains, 3 techmarines, and 2 Librarians...and those guys only were alive because of being with the 5th company on rear line defense...

My thought process is this...I usually run with a Heavy Bolter or a Missile Launcher as of late anyway...and for 10 points either way I can still have it in my squad and add the other 5 guys for 25 points cheaper...This would also give me a reason to get or make a Scout Sergeant Telion...because really at this point in the game some of the veterans would be steping down from their rolls to help train the next generation of Ultra Templar...

What I would do is for every Tactical Squad I have on the field two scout squads would be there as on each side of the tact squad to lay down cover fire and learn from those who have the battlefield experience...

A basic list would be something like this

Chaplain in Terminator Armour w/Storm Bolter and Melta Bombs = 135pts

5 Man = 200 pts

Tact Squad
10 Man - Multi-Melta, Melta, Sarge w/Power Weapon and Bolter and Melta Bombs = 190 pts
Scout Squad
10 Man - Heavy Bolter, 2 Shot guns, Sarge w/Power Weapon and Bolter and Melta bombs = 170pts
Scout Squad
10 Man - Heavy Bolter, 8 Sniper Rifles, Sarge w/CCW and Bolter = 150pts
Scout Squad
10 Man - Rocket Launcher, 2 Shotguns, Sarge w/CCW and Bolter and Melta Bombs = 155 pts

This would give me 46 men on the field for 1000 pts...the scout squads and tact can split into 5 man teams giving me 8 objecive grabing choices...and the two sniper teams can pin two squads per game allowing the other squads to sweep in with the terminators to finish everyone else off...Melta Bombs for when I run into enemy armour and I will...Plus a few extra power weapons in there just incase my scouts and tact squads run into something they should not...but the infiltrate and move through cover rules only help them out...

I guess I need to go buy some scout squads huh...


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