Monday, August 31, 2009

Holy-Moly Chapter Master...

I was sitting here at the house wondering how many points I have in my Ultra Templar army...Straight from the 5th Edition Codex...nothing special rules...just exactly what I have on hand...and the only Special Character I have in my entire army is Scout Sergeant Telion...for my two Scout Squads...use to be three but I traded one for something no worries though...haha

But I get off Track...I have offical 8,900 worth of points for my Space Marine army...the almost 2,600 worth of Tact Marines and 2,000 worth of Elite Choices really help a lot...haha

And no there are no Tanks other then Land Raiders and a Whirlwind and 2 Razorbacks...

Yeah really I kid you not here is the list...enjoy the reading and yes I know I need more tanks...I traded those for my brothers Necron army he is making me trade for SM stuff for him...haha I know sick right...

Chaplain - 130
w/Terminator Armour
Chaplain - 130
w/Terminator Armour
Chaplain - 105
Chaplain - 130
w/Jump Pack, Plasma Pistol
Librarian - 150
w/Epistolary , Plasma Pistol, Smite, The Gate of Infinity or Quickening, Might of The Ancients
Captain - 158
w/Jump Pack, Storm Bolter, Relic Blade
Captain - 148
w/Storm Bolter, Relic Blade, Artificer Armour
Captain - 143
w/Storm Bolter, Power Fist, Artificer Armour
Master of the Forge - 115
w/Power Weapon
Command Squad - 180
w/Company Champion, Company Standard, Powerfist, Melta
Command Squad - 170
w/Company Champion, Company Standard, Powerfist
Chapter Master - 195
w/Terminator Armour, Storm Shield, Thunder Hammer
Chapter Master - 178
w/Storm Bolter, Power Fist, Artificer Armour, Hellfire Rounds
Honour Guard - 140
w/Chapter Banner

Heavy Support
Land Raider Crusaider - 260
Land Raider - 260
w/Storm Bolter
Whirlwind - 85
Thunderfire Cannon - 100
Devastator Squad - 218
w/x8 Marines, x2 Plasma Cannons, x2 Missile Launchers

Fast Attack
Assault Squad - 255
w/x10 Marines, Power Fist, x2 Plasma Pistols, Flamer
Assault Squad - 255
w/x10 Marines, Power Fist, x2 Plasma Pistols, Flamer
Land Speeder Squad - 140
w/x2 Speeders, x2 Heavy Bolters, x2 Multi-Meltas
Scout Bikes - 105
w/x3 Bikes, Power Fist, Grenade Launcher
Vanguard Squad - 270
w/x5 Marines, x2 Power Fist, x1 Power Weapon, x2 Lightning Claws, x5 Jump Packs

Legion of the Damned - 215
w/x5 Marines, Power Fist, Missile Launcher, Flamer
Techmarine - 90
w/Power Weapon, x2 Servitors
Iron Clad Dreadnought - 140
w/Heavy Flamer
Dreadnought - 115
w/Assault Cannon
Venerable Dreadnought - 165
Venerable Dreadnought - 165
Sternguard Marines - 175
w/x5 Marines, Power Fist, x5 Combi-Meltas
Terminators - 445
w/x10 Terminators, Assault Cannon, Heavy Flamer, x2 Chain Fist
Assault Terminators - 400
w/x10 Terminators, x5 Thunder Hammers, Storm Sheilds, x5 Twin Lightning Claws

Dedicated Transports
Rhinos - 210
w/x6 Rhinos
Razorbacks - 80 or 150
w/x2 Heavy Bolters, or x2 Twin-Linked Lascannons

Scouts - 75
w/x5 Snipers
Scouts - 85
w/x2 Shotguns, x2 Bolt Pistols and CCW, x1 Heavy Bolter
Counts as Scout Sergant Telion Model - 50
Tact Marines - 170
w/Flamer, Missile Launcher
Tact Marines - 170
w/Flamer, Multi-Melta
Tact Marines - 170
w/Flamer, Heavy Bolter
Tact Marines - 185
w/Flamer, Missile Launcher, Plasma Pistol
Tact Marines - 185
w/Flamer, Missile Launcher, Power Weapon
Tact Marines - 190
w/Meltagun, Power Weapon
Tact Marines - 190
w/Meltagun, Heavy Bolter, Power Weapon
Tact Marines - 195
w/Plasma Gun, Power Weapon
Tact Marines - 195
w/Plasma Gun, Missile Launcher, Power Weapon
Tact Marines - 200
w/Melta, Power Fist
Tact Marines - 205
w/Plasma Gun, Heavy Bolter, Power Fist
Tact Marines - 205
w/Plasma Gun, Power Weapon
Tact Marines - 215
w/Plasma Gun, Lascannon, Power Fist

Now this is straight from the newish 5th Edition Space Marine Codex. This is not using the Blood Angel Codex of the Space Wolves Codex, Dark Angels or even the Black Templar Codex's although I am sure I could do that pretty easy...just add 3 points to each marines for frag and krak grenades...haha...

Also some of you more Astute readers would have noticed that the Tact Marines all don't have a Special Weapon on top of a Heavy you are thinking...HEY WAIT A SECOND THAT IS A 10 MAN SQUAD...WHAT GIVES...well many things...I started painted these things YEARS AGO...begining 4th edition if my math is I did a lot of bolter marines...the ones that don't have a Heavy Weapon are from that era...sorry...haha I am sure I could use the Devastator marine heavy weapons into these squads...then transfer the other marines to the Command Squads or Veteran Sternguard Squad...haha

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Ok then...

Sunday was a blast...went through 5 games myself...and I either made it to the end and forced a draw...or Flat out won...haha

Final game I uses Vulkan himself...with a 2+ armour save and a 3+ invulv save...(used a proxy not the real model) and he went toe to toe with a Deamon Prince and 5 Emperor's Children (they charged by the way...) went three rounds with them all...put two wounds on the Deamon Prince...and killed 3 Emperor's Children before the Deamon Prince made me take enough 3+ invulv saves...and enough 2+ armour saves from the other 2 Emperors Children...My three wounds really helped a lot here with his relic bad it is a two handed weapon as with a Bolt Pistol I would have had 4 base attacks...haha

Had my Brother use the Sons of Baal army after I used them once...I won...he got two Draws...which were my two was when I was using was 2-2...

Had a blast none the less and I might be doing more Vulkan armies even more now...haha

Until later everyone...

Saturday, August 29, 2009

I was Thinking...

and I got a headache for it too...haha

But seriously...I prefer to play a 1250 game...I enjoy it as I have multiple units to use and so on and so forth...but lately it has been 500-750 games...tried out the Sons of Baal and I did OK with them...but certain units flat out kill them in the smaller games...

-Deamonettes...and Noise Marines to name the two I play the most...that I5+ really puts a hurting on my I need something to counter that...

So I am putting together a new 500 point list...

Captain w/Power Sword
10 Man Tact Squad w/HB and Flamer
5 Man Tact Squad
5 Man Vanguard Squad...or two Land Speeders that swap out the HB for a MM and then buy another HB making it 5 points cheaper...maybe a Melta Bomb on the Captain...


Also I am probably going to throw together a small Salamander Army together as I just got done reading the Salamander Novel...

Maybe get the Forgefather when he is released and paint him all green and what not...maybe a nice 1250 list or so would do them justice...

Forgefather Vulkan He'Stan - 190 pts
8 Man Assault Terminator Squad 4 TH/SS and 4 TLC's - 320 pts
10 Man Tact Squad w/MM and Flamer Serge w/PW & Teleport Homer plus Rhino - 235 pts
10 Man Tact Squad w/HB and Flamer Serge w/PW & Teleport Homer plus Rhino - 235 pts
5 Man Honour Guard w/Razorback w/TwinLinked LC, Storm Bolter - 270 pts

That should put a hurting on a lot of things...the Homers allow the Terminators to drop in without scattering and the Honour Guard go in with Vulkan to put a shinney blade where the sun don't shine...haha...on top of that pretty much every weapon besides the TLC's, Bolters and Lascannons are either Master Crafted or twin-linked as well...making it hurt even more then...haha also this makes it so the only ones walking are the Terminators...

Friday, August 28, 2009

Judicator Marines...Almost Done

Ok then...points are the same...just changed the wording around to where if you have three marines then you can fire at three different units...and fire both bolters if you wanted to...

Hit me up with what you guys think about it now...what did I miss again...ha

Gawd...I Love Fridays

BUM BUM BUMMMMMM...FRIDAY YET AGAIN...and boy o'boy am I happy as heck...the paper work on getting my first house is going along far...haha

My Daughter is in good health and enjoyed her First day of Preschool...more then her mother ( ex-wife...HAHA SWEETNESS EVER SINCE JUNE)...would have liked...but she can get over thing I know it will be Kindergarten...then Middle School...Then High School...then my Burying her first ex-boyfriends body in the ground 20 miles outside city limits in the woods...haha

And Sunday is coming up on top of this not being a weekend I have my daughter...I am looking forward to the games on sunday...I want to get atleast a 1250 game in...been stuck doing to many 500-750 games...and I just dont have enough models to kill with...haha

Some good stuff about the Wolves...

HAHA...I found this as I trolled the other blogs about 40k...thought you might like it too...


These were posted by Zarahemna on Librarium Online. This has some very interesting stuff!

"My brothers Njal the storm caller has granted me this vision so that you too may know the terrible might of the Soace Wolves and howl as their heavy tread draws closer!

I know not of the new range of miniature representations of the sons of Russ, but I have seen the awesomeness of their almighty codex. Gather round now and listen!


Njal Stormcaller:

Njal is back in all of his glory. The cyber raven joins him and the most easy comparison is with Tigurius, except that he wears terminator armour and carries mighty runes which blaze and improve his invulnerable save to a 4+. Truly unstoppable he remains.

A storm now covers Njal and this affects enemy shooting and combat prowess (-1 to both within 18" or something like that) and at higher levels can destroy foes and cast them around the table with it's mighty winds. Njal is the master of all six Space Wolf Psychic powers and yes, he is really expensive. Think 250+ points.

Bjorn the Fell Handed. Bjorn is incredibly strong, AV13 to the front and of course venerable. Put those two factors together and he is an almighty warrior. He has four attacks basic and is strength seven. He is also very expensive.

There is also a Telion type upgrade for the Space Wolf equivalent to scouts. This hero, more than three centuries old is the equivalent of a captain and yet with his unruly manners cannot be accepted among the battle brothers, not least because he stole one of the Chapter's thunderhawks and then crashed it during his flight. He upgrades his squad, I cannot remember how.

Battle Brothers:

All Space Wolves have counter attack and acute senses.

Wolf Guard are deceptive, they start off at a little over thirty points but they get very expensive very quickly. A wolf guard with Thunder hammer and Storm Shield weighs in at just under seventy!

There is a character with a special storm shield who can get an extra attack which represents him slapping his opponent with the shield when he charges. He also has furious charge and a thunder hammer that he can throw in a shooting attack. yes, a thrown thunder hammer. When it hits the foe there is an explosion and it reappears with a flash in his hands... Not bad eh?

Blood Claws now come in three flavours, bikers, jump packers and infantry. They remain slightly less able than regualr marines in shooting and close combat but are still really deadly...

Wulfen are gone as a unit.

There is a character who rides a Fenrisian wolf in to battle. It's a bit He-Man esque, but in a good way.

Long Fangs, Heavy Bolters for only a handful of points, you know about the same as a meltagun for regular marines... Also you can carry five heavy weapons... It's brilliant.

How much is a regular Space Wolf? xx points? Oh and you get a special weapon for free. Oh, and if you take ten you get a second special weapon for free... Ten men, and two special weapons for 150 points? Sounds good eh?

Kit? Oh yeah, every space wolf carries a chainsword, bolt pistol and boltgun. Extra attacks, I think so. You can kiss good bye to true grit though.

Oh and one last thing. Dark Angels are now not alone in being able to field Terminator only armies! SW's can field all terminator armies as one of their characters makes it possible to field T's as troops choices!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Judicator Marines

Atleast for that unit...I changed a few points around took out a wound...reworded a few things and gave them extra ammo shots...haha

Once again...Tell me what you guys think...I want to make this work before sunday as I already have the bare-minimum of guys made up last night...(ie three of them...haha)

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

I have a new squad...

I think a few of you guys might like it...but point cost wise...this would just be a pure apoc army squad...THAT WOULD REIGN FIRE AND DAMNATION UPON THE ENEMIES OF bla bla bla...

here we go guys hope you enjoy it...

Leave some feedback on what you think needs to be on and so forth...

Monday, August 24, 2009


HAha... yeah got a few games in on Sunday after I dropped my daughter off with her mom...I truely do enjoy pressing that red end button when her mom starts getting of June 30th 2009 I think that is my right to hang up now...haha

Got to the gaming store and started out with a 500 point game...Tried out a Wolf list...HQ and two Grey Hunter Packs...did ok...but could have been better I noticed though that I do a lot better at the 1250-1500 point list...anything smaller I have a problem...anything bigger and it just takes to long for the other guy(s) to move and I just get frustrated...

Wolf Lord did amazing with his Frost Blade...on the Charge with a Storm I get another attack on the charge...hmmm...I say yes as it is a Terminator with a Close Combat weapon and a Storm Bolter...haha...and everyone else at the store agrees so I enjoy the extra attack...

Grey Hunters did their job...until they all died...haha it was fun though...

The other two games I did at 1250 with my Blood Angel army...1 total win...and 1 draw...ran out of turns...but needless to say...another turn and two assault squads and Death Company would have hit his last squad on the same turn...assaulted...and DESTROYED...


so 1-1-1 for the day and I enjoyed every minute...

Oh...and on a side note...

I would totally do Eva...haha

(from my Friday post...)

Friday, August 21, 2009

Gawd...I Love Friday

THANK GAWD IT IS FRIDAY AGAIN... little one has a nasty cough for the past few weeks...and finally after much harassment from her mom of her taking her to the doctor I got fed up and did it myself...on one of my work days... I would have gone sooner but I assumed it was alergies... But as mine has not been that bad for a week or so and hers was still going I stopped by the Doctor's office...

It appears she has a cough...virus...virus...cough...needless to say it is a virus that hits little kids and they cannot shake it to save their lives...luckly the worst is just coughing...and coughing...and coughing...haha but the Doc gave her a prescription for it and should be done by next week...If not we are heading back to make sure it is not anything else...

But seeing it is friday...and my little girl is here at the office with me I just grabbed the first hot woman photo I could find...and Eva is hot...

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Found something funny...

I found my old Movie Marine picture in my computer a few minutes ago and it got me thinking...

This list does not make sense...the points are completely off for their stats...atleast for a 1,500 list that they make anyway...haha

First off everyone should get a 2+ armour save...I mean they are movie marines only the strongest of hits will take these guys down...they should also get a 5+ invuln save...haha...that makes even more sense really...and how many times in the books from Black Library do they holster their Bolters only to pull out a Bolt Pistol...WHAT...I say they get Bolt Pistols too on top of the Bolter and Grenades...with their Combat Knives too...and give them all True Grit...yeah that would be cool to see...haha. And of course we have to let them have the special ammo that has really hit the new SM codex full force...that would only make more sense to me with their point costs...haha...Maybe give two of the guys sniper rifles that automatically wound on a 2+...sick I know right...

At that Point I would use them as my only army in the 1,500 point list...haha but I have to have a lot of cover...with Impassible objects and the such...

Monday, August 17, 2009

I want to be cool too...

I promise I am Awesome just by myself (trust me no ego here...really...haha)

But as everyone is jumping up and down for this new box set I might as well...


The Space Hulk which was suppose to come out this month anyway...weird that no one in the entire community was able to put that together and get us an answer and make everyone lives a bit easier...I know I did not sleep well since I first heard about this mystery I am glad to see I will sleep well enough...

Until next time they do this to us...GAWD...

Also on a side note I got an Iron Clad Dreadnought...which means I have an Iron Clad and now I can make a Furiso Dread with a CCW for another Dread for my Blood Angels instead of proxing a model...SWEETNESS...haha

Friday, August 14, 2009

Gawd...I Love Friday

Week 15...and I am back from Vacation...haha

Had a Blast visiting the Family in Arizona...

So as it is Friday I am always on that note I leave you with this little pic I just found as I looked over other 40k blogs...and forums...did not know forums posted pics of these women too...haha

Monday, August 3, 2009

Two Wins off the bat...Heck Yeah

...Ok I was a little worried about the price of the Assault Marines when it came to the Blood Angel codex...seeing that it is the same stats and everything...except my flamer I cannot have a flamer in my assault squads...frak...haha (one SM guy I play does his tact sqauds in rows of hit the side of the squad and you get all ten in one shot...literally...two flamers is 20 possible hits right bolt pistols and plasma pistols...then assaulting...just truely enjoyable...but I guess no more flamers for my guys...

Just have to keep them in the tact squads...haha

both games were a 1250 point game and I used the same list I came up with last night to play tonights two games...and destroyed both times...

2 Assault Squads - 10 men, Power Fist,
2 Tactical Squads - 10 men, Heavy Bolter or Multi-Melta, Flamer w/Rhinos
Chaplain w/Combi-Melta
4 Death Company Marines
Furiso Dreadnought

I used that Dreadnought to the extreme as he hit up the guardians with the storm bolter and a meltagun...then was three turns the guardian squad was gone...el blow away with el angry dreadnought...haha

Got hit with an Iron Clad Dread that dropped poded in front of my line and was able to take out 4 assault marines before it was brought down by two different powerfist...haha

The Chaplain and his Death Company got one of the Rhinos though and was hit with 3 Hunter Killer Missiles...Jawaballs was not kidding with the DC is a fire magnet...haha...but each time each Hunter Killer Missile roll was a 6-6-1...nothing was great...Rhino kept a going and unloaded and ate everything it touched like it was suppose to...melta bomb on the back of a predator tank...from the chaplain...gone...assault the Tact squad in the rhino to the left...gone...turn to the scouts who were eaten up by my other two tact was great...

lots of fun was had by all and I think I may keep those guys there seperate from the other Marines I have and paint them a Blood Angel Successor Chapter...haha

Sundays Games...

Had a blast on Sunday playing as many games as I did...1 Chaos game which the Icon of Khorne did it's job perfectly...and then 2 more games as a Loyalist marine army...which with the second game having only 2 five man scouts as my troops and the rest as assault marines/chapter master w/jump pack and vanguard marines w/jump pack it was a real just bend the guys over the table and stick a krak grenade where the sun don't shine...haha

As it is past 3am where I am right now I am going to bed...I will try to write up the games sometime before I go out of town to Arizona for the Family Reunion...looking forward to this as I get to take my 3yr old daughter with me and dont have to worry about hearing a lot of complaining from her mother...because her mother will be in NC...with her boyfriend...I almost feel bad for the guy...



Later guys and gals...

Ok then...Three Armies...


Common I mean I have enough models now to do this and not be hurting on all honesty I already have 3 armies and one is a crusading Space Marine army with like 4 or 5 chapters is great...

But my idea is this

Blood Angels...Jawaballs you are to blame for this partially...the rest is tha fact that I have 25 assault marines and a Captain/Chapter Master guy with a jump pack as well...meaning I can have from 3 to 5 squads of nothing jump pack guys running around like chickens...haha but those five squads would be 135 pts a peice with a Power Fist in each that would be sickening I know but I like to run a 10 man squad and combat tactic it out to two 5 man squads or in the case of the Blood Angel codex combat squad it out to two 5 man squads...haha

Throw a Chaplain in there for the death company with a plasma pistol in a rhino and it is only 150 points...haha and the Death Company hits automatically cause a Rending...I like that...with the Chaplains re-roll to hit rules...thus the reason I have three Chaplains I can run in my 5k list of Space Marines if needed...haha or I can throw a jump pack on the Chaplain and the Death Company come out a little bit more expensive but 12 inch movement that is set up like that will be a fire magnet no matter who I am playing allowing everyone else to get into close combat...haha

But the Two List I have in my head right now is this:

First one is 1250 list
2 Assault Squads - 10 men, Power Fist,
2 Tactical Squads - 10 men, Heavy Bolter or Multi-Melta, Flamer w/Rhinos
Chaplain w/Combi-Melta
4 Death Company Marines
Furiso Dreadnought

Not Bad at all really...Basically the Chaplain runs the feild with the DC killing whatever gets close enough to reach out and touch...Worse Case I drop the Dreadnough give the DC a Rhino and two extra DC guys to go with it...still 1250 list with that too...haha

The Second List is a much Larger list of a 2k list
3 Assault Squads - 10 men, Power Fist,
2 Tactical Squads - 10 men, HB or MM, Flamer w/Rhinos and Extra Armor
6 Death Company Marines w/Rhino
Furiso Dreadnought w/Venerable upgrade and Extra Armor
Furiso Dreadnought w/DC upgrade and Extra Armor
5 Man Terminator Squad

with that many guys on the field I would feel pretty good 61 marines on the field is not a bad number even at a 2k list...with two dreads as well that are just pure assaulting machines...this would leave the two tactical squads on my closest objectives and allow the assault marines to take the other armies objectives with the Dreads the Death Company would run around again touching everything it could and the Terminators would either take point with the DC and touch everything it could or stay back with the Tact Marines providing much needed extra fire power...maybe a Deep Strike with them at the last few turns would help even more as well...

But I am going to be turning a few guys into a red paint scheme as well...not Jawaballs level of awesomeness but red enough that you know who they are...haha