Monday, August 3, 2009

Two Wins off the bat...Heck Yeah

...Ok I was a little worried about the price of the Assault Marines when it came to the Blood Angel codex...seeing that it is the same stats and everything...except my flamer I cannot have a flamer in my assault squads...frak...haha (one SM guy I play does his tact sqauds in rows of hit the side of the squad and you get all ten in one shot...literally...two flamers is 20 possible hits right bolt pistols and plasma pistols...then assaulting...just truely enjoyable...but I guess no more flamers for my guys...

Just have to keep them in the tact squads...haha

both games were a 1250 point game and I used the same list I came up with last night to play tonights two games...and destroyed both times...

2 Assault Squads - 10 men, Power Fist,
2 Tactical Squads - 10 men, Heavy Bolter or Multi-Melta, Flamer w/Rhinos
Chaplain w/Combi-Melta
4 Death Company Marines
Furiso Dreadnought

I used that Dreadnought to the extreme as he hit up the guardians with the storm bolter and a meltagun...then was three turns the guardian squad was gone...el blow away with el angry dreadnought...haha

Got hit with an Iron Clad Dread that dropped poded in front of my line and was able to take out 4 assault marines before it was brought down by two different powerfist...haha

The Chaplain and his Death Company got one of the Rhinos though and was hit with 3 Hunter Killer Missiles...Jawaballs was not kidding with the DC is a fire magnet...haha...but each time each Hunter Killer Missile roll was a 6-6-1...nothing was great...Rhino kept a going and unloaded and ate everything it touched like it was suppose to...melta bomb on the back of a predator tank...from the chaplain...gone...assault the Tact squad in the rhino to the left...gone...turn to the scouts who were eaten up by my other two tact was great...

lots of fun was had by all and I think I may keep those guys there seperate from the other Marines I have and paint them a Blood Angel Successor Chapter...haha

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