Tuesday, August 25, 2009

I have a new squad...

I think a few of you guys might like it...but point cost wise...this would just be a pure apoc army squad...THAT WOULD REIGN FIRE AND DAMNATION UPON THE ENEMIES OF bla bla bla...

here we go guys hope you enjoy it...

Leave some feedback on what you think needs to be done...points...weapons...so on and so forth...


  1. Hmm, looked at the date, it was not april 1st, so I am assuming that its not a belated April Fool's? ;)

    Seriously, I think the unit is way over powered and way under priced at the same time!

    Essentially, its a unit of space marine captains (apart from the WS 6) at a cheap cost.

    Your extra marines cost 50 pts - take a look at Honour Guard, for an extra 15 pts you are giving these guys:
    +1 WS
    +1 BS
    +2 W !!!!
    +1 I
    +1 A

    5+ Invul. Save
    Melta Bombs
    Special Ammo
    Acute Senses
    And other custom special rules

    Its kind of over the top, even for Apoc!

    If you are going for multi wound models, give them only 2 wounds. You can see from recent codices that only really the army commanders are getting 3 wounds these days (apart from MC/Ogryns etc).
    I would also make the squad a plain 5 man squad, you start with 5 and cannot buy any more. I'd also remove the being able to fire at multiple units rule - it wouldn't be needed in a 5 man non heavy weapon squad ;)

    Also your special weapon ammo makes no sense :P
    You have listed Infernal Bolts as having the standard profile of a bolter, and Metal Kraken as being AP4 and Assault 2. Therefore, no need to ever use Infernal. I am assuming you have missed something here. Personally, I think the Assault part on the Kraken is a bit much - it should remain rapid fire like Sternguard as the trade off (you need to sit still to max the range) or give them Storm Bolters and no special ammo.

    Oh and you forgot Combat Tactics on them ;)

  2. Now you see this is why I posted this here...haha

    to get everyone else's input...

    actually I think I stole that stat line from a wolf lord...and tweaked it a bit...haha