Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Found something funny...

I found my old Movie Marine picture in my computer a few minutes ago and it got me thinking...

This list does not make sense...the points are completely off for their stats...atleast for a 1,500 list that they make anyway...haha

First off everyone should get a 2+ armour save...I mean they are movie marines only the strongest of hits will take these guys down...they should also get a 5+ invuln save...haha...that makes even more sense really...and how many times in the books from Black Library do they holster their Bolters only to pull out a Bolt Pistol...WHAT...I say they get Bolt Pistols too on top of the Bolter and Grenades...with their Combat Knives too...and give them all True Grit...yeah that would be cool to see...haha. And of course we have to let them have the special ammo that has really hit the new SM codex full force...that would only make more sense to me with their point costs...haha...Maybe give two of the guys sniper rifles that automatically wound on a 2+...sick I know right...

At that Point I would use them as my only army in the 1,500 point list...haha but I have to have a lot of cover...with Impassible objects and the such...


  1. Have you played a movie marine battle yet...

    We did My son and I each took 3 marines (total of Vs my friend having an equal number of points all infantry orks with a FREE Warboss(thats ALOT of Orks).
    We took TWO total wounds one on my guy and one on my sons guy.
    EVERY Ork was killed.
    The 3+ save PLUS the 3+ reroll was too much!
    Your 2+ and 5+ invul. ACTUALLY WOULD BE MORE FAIR!
    We decided never to play that way again - it was fun for us as the marines..not so fun for the Ork player.

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