Monday, August 3, 2009

Ok then...Three Armies...


Common I mean I have enough models now to do this and not be hurting on all honesty I already have 3 armies and one is a crusading Space Marine army with like 4 or 5 chapters is great...

But my idea is this

Blood Angels...Jawaballs you are to blame for this partially...the rest is tha fact that I have 25 assault marines and a Captain/Chapter Master guy with a jump pack as well...meaning I can have from 3 to 5 squads of nothing jump pack guys running around like chickens...haha but those five squads would be 135 pts a peice with a Power Fist in each that would be sickening I know but I like to run a 10 man squad and combat tactic it out to two 5 man squads or in the case of the Blood Angel codex combat squad it out to two 5 man squads...haha

Throw a Chaplain in there for the death company with a plasma pistol in a rhino and it is only 150 points...haha and the Death Company hits automatically cause a Rending...I like that...with the Chaplains re-roll to hit rules...thus the reason I have three Chaplains I can run in my 5k list of Space Marines if needed...haha or I can throw a jump pack on the Chaplain and the Death Company come out a little bit more expensive but 12 inch movement that is set up like that will be a fire magnet no matter who I am playing allowing everyone else to get into close combat...haha

But the Two List I have in my head right now is this:

First one is 1250 list
2 Assault Squads - 10 men, Power Fist,
2 Tactical Squads - 10 men, Heavy Bolter or Multi-Melta, Flamer w/Rhinos
Chaplain w/Combi-Melta
4 Death Company Marines
Furiso Dreadnought

Not Bad at all really...Basically the Chaplain runs the feild with the DC killing whatever gets close enough to reach out and touch...Worse Case I drop the Dreadnough give the DC a Rhino and two extra DC guys to go with it...still 1250 list with that too...haha

The Second List is a much Larger list of a 2k list
3 Assault Squads - 10 men, Power Fist,
2 Tactical Squads - 10 men, HB or MM, Flamer w/Rhinos and Extra Armor
6 Death Company Marines w/Rhino
Furiso Dreadnought w/Venerable upgrade and Extra Armor
Furiso Dreadnought w/DC upgrade and Extra Armor
5 Man Terminator Squad

with that many guys on the field I would feel pretty good 61 marines on the field is not a bad number even at a 2k list...with two dreads as well that are just pure assaulting machines...this would leave the two tactical squads on my closest objectives and allow the assault marines to take the other armies objectives with the Dreads the Death Company would run around again touching everything it could and the Terminators would either take point with the DC and touch everything it could or stay back with the Tact Marines providing much needed extra fire power...maybe a Deep Strike with them at the last few turns would help even more as well...

But I am going to be turning a few guys into a red paint scheme as well...not Jawaballs level of awesomeness but red enough that you know who they are...haha

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