Sunday, January 31, 2010

Thunderfire Cannon...Finally Painted...

Well I was thinking the other day...I have a Techmarine I am painting up but dear gawd he looks like shit to the extreme...period...but I still have my Thunderfire Cannon and Techmarine there...

Sooo I was thinking...why not dry brush him with some chainmail after priming it like I did my Iron Warriors and see where it goes...and actually I am kinda happy with major details as my detail brush has been replaced by something else...hell if I know what it is...haha...looks like a brush but no where close to my detail brush...

So here are some pictures...

I will run this as just a Dreadnought, Monsterous Creature...get a whole 5 points out of it...

Also I am working on another Tactial Squad should be done by tomorrow night...

Which means 16 points for Janurary...

Friday, January 29, 2010

Gawd...I Love Fridays

No matter what is happening in my life...even if I have to work the next day...Friday is always a great day for me...

unless I am being shot at or have to talk to my ex-wife...

Then it just sucks...

OR...Zombies are attacking...

OR...Whales on Stilts with lasers are attacking...



Thursday, January 28, 2010

Life in General...


Man I love being a Dad...watching my daughter grow up...her speech patterns on and so forth every day I spend with me daughter is a day I just enjoy way to much...

Then the days I do not have her...bleh...dont get me wrong I have a great hobby to keep me occupied at times...but seriously...I hate the time between the two...Either I am with my daughter or I am gaming...great...happy happy joy friends that dont play are good guys to hang out with...great drinking of their own...Gaming people themselves but they stick with the gaming consoles...

Kinda wish they played 40k as well...But they do I have to wait till every other 30-40 minutes one way for 2 games...have a blast and go home...come back on sunday get a game or two in...go home...monday nights I get 1 game in at 2k...the other 2 or 4 games over the weekend wont break 1500...1750 if I am really lucky...haha

I have no idea where this post was going...haha

See you guys tomorrow...

Saturday, January 23, 2010

2000 Points of Blood Angels

Going to give them one last whirl before the New Codex comes out...

Soo the list I will be trying out this coming up Monday Night is an almost pure Troop Choice list...

Dante will be tagging along with an Honour Guard which include a Priest a Rabbi I am kidding...

I will use the Dante/Lemartes combo...

DC x5 Jump Packs

Honour guard w/PF, PW, Priest, Flamer, Melta, x5 Jump Packs

10 man Assault Squad w/PF
10 man Assault Squad w/PF

10 man Tactical Squad w/Rhino, PF, Melta, Heavy Bolter
10 man Tactical Squad w/Rhino, PF, Melta, Heavy Bolter

2x Furioso Dreads w/Venerable, Death Company, Extra Armour

This gives me 30+ assault marines

Lemartes runs around with the DC guys and the Dreads walk forward the best they can...which would be right at the enemy...they are the walking targets...this allows the other two Assault Squads to jump into the fight and counter attack with Dante and his power weapons...

The two Tactical squads would work along the lines of Objective grabing...if it is Capture and Control they both sit behind the objective the entire game as the Assault Marines kill kill kill...last turn if needed turn and get onto great with my Vanilla Marines...but with this list I have 2 Rhinos instead of it should double my effectiveness...or run one of the Rhinos at their base and add that man troop to claiming objectives...I might drop a Rhino for a Drop Pod for one of the help out where it lands and wrecks havoc...

if it is a flat out Annilation game then everyone moves fowards and kills before they are killed...I already have most of the players plans known...and they know move and assault...haha...but none the less it is a tried and true method...

But I need to break off a few flamers and fix up some guys so I wont be proxying anything monday night...haha

Tell me what you guys think I am missing here...but this is just for fun too...haha

Friday, January 22, 2010

Gawd...I Love Fridays

Gawd...I Love Friday...haha

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Blood Angels Update again...what is this the 3rd or 4th

Straight from the Bell of Lost Souls Site...but check the bottom there is more...

Force Organization Chart
Blood Angel FOC is divergant from the Ultramarine one:
-Dreadnoughts are heavy support.
-Furioso Dreads with droppods are fast attack.
-Twin scout entries are both elites, but one is scoring.
-Only dedicated ground transport is the Rhino (Razorbacks are out)
-Assault Squad and Tactical Squad are troops.
-Honour Guard can be troops if fielded with Dante.
-Jump pack units are in every FOC category except heavy support and HQ:
--Assault Squad - troops
--Honour Guard - elites
--Exalted - fast attack

Death Company is 0-1 and doesn't need a slot in the FOC

Units Rules
Tantalus Lander is a dedicated transport for everything in the army except tanks, Land Speeders and Exalted. Its weaponry is: 2 twin-linked assault cannons, 1 twin-linked special weapon.

Land Raider: Redeemer, Crusader and Standard

Terminator sergeants can get close combat wargear. There is a Terminator upgrade to allow shooting in an enemy phase.

Exalted: 4/4/4(5)/4/1/5/1+1/10/3+, jump troops, hit & run, furious charge, no red fury/combat tactics, power armor, stormbolter, power weapon, bolt pistol, no options, no transports.

Quite angelic: masterfully crafted slim armor, jump packs, mechanical wings, masks, long hair.

Named Characters
Erasmus: Furious charge, digital weapons (rending), master crafted combi melta: 18" S:8 AP:1 Assault 1, melta, reroll to hit, 4+ ward save, can chose one set of special rules:
-squad ignores red fury
-red fury and preferred enemy
-rage and feel no pain

Mephiston: 7/7/5/5/3/7/4/10/2+, FnP, Fearless, Eternal Warrior, Fleet, 2 psychic powers per turn.
More potent versions of Might of heroes, Transfixing Gaze and Blood Stasis powers:

The gun of Victor's servitor is 36" S:6 AP:6 Assault6

Psychic Powers
Quickening: Infantry moves as beasts, jump troops and walkers gain fleet.
Blood Stasis: 5" vortex of blood in base contact. Enemy models count as being in difficult terrain, and suffer one wound if they try to move and any of the distance dice shows a 1, Mephiston: can cast it in close combat centered on himself, and enemies attacking with a 1 suffer a wound.
Might of Heroes: one model in squad gets +D3 attacks, Mephiston: can cast it on himself.
Primarchs Grace: Squad may reroll dangerous terrain tests.
Transfixing Gaze: Target model must take a leadership roll off or not able to attack librarian, Mephiston: not able to attack any model.
Living Darkness: A template which blocks line of sight.

Background: mainly Blood Angels and 4 successor chapters with one page each:
-Blood Consuls
-Angels Sanguine
-Flesh Tearers
-Angels Vermillion

This part is from Game-Headz Blogspot

Ok stuff is really starting to pour out at this time.

In the UK the feb Wd is showing up and there have been some conformations...
Furiso Dread, and a Librarian Dread!

(NOTE THIS MAY BE the actual page listings, I can not confirm or deny if it's really the one in the new codex, so for now it's just "Fan generated" and not from a GW Codex, take with Salt)

also this got leaked out too.
Its the army list and page numbers from the new codex
Get a look at it while you can ... it came from several trusted forums and trusted posters, I'd rather not directly which ones at this point to keep the ban hammer off them and GW legal off their necks.

Interesting notes ...
1 page for the Land raiders
a lot of Named IC's for several chapters
Honor guard AND the Exalted....they are different people..
2 types of Scout and scout bikers.
Tantalus.... if you don't know don't ask ( or read a couple posts below)
Baal Pread separate from Reg Pred
Mephiston gets 2 pages of entrees
Victor Nergal... a MASTER OF THE FORGE! ( finally....)
Any how enjoy while it lasts

page -26 background
27 combat squads, red fury, furious charge, they shall know no fear
28 Commander
29 Sanguinary Priest
30 Chaplain
31 Librarian
32 Tactical Squad
33 Assault Squad
34 Devastator Squad
35 Death Company
36 Terminator Squad
37 Honour Guard
38 Dreadnought
39 Furioso Dreadnought
40 Scouts
41 Initiate Scouts
42 Bikes
43 Scoutbikes
44 Land Speeder
45 Exalted
46 Techmarine/Razorback
47 Rhino
48 Drop Pod
49 Tantalus
50 Predator
51 Baal Predator
52 Whirlwind/Vindicator
53 Land Raider
54 Commander Cervan Dante, Chaptermaster of the Blood Angels
55 Mikhael Faustus, Sanguinor of the Blood Angels, Exemplar of the Host
56-57 Mephiston, Chief Librarian of the Blood Angels, Lord of Death
58 Erasmus Tycho, Captain of the 3. Company of the Blood Angels
59 Reo Lemartes, Chaplain of the Blood Angels, Guardian of the Lost
60 Victor Nergal, Master of the Forge of the Blood Angels
61 Moriar the Chosen, Death Company Dreadnought of the Blood Angels
62 Hieri Lorenzo, Sergeant of the First Company of the Blood Angels
63 Absolutus, Dreadnought of the Flesh Tearers, Furioso Supremo
64 Gabriel Seth, Chaptermaster of the Flesh Tearers
65 Toledo Astorath, Chaptermaster of the Angels Sanguine
66-72 wargear
73 psychic powers

Thanks to the people at the place for the things , got to protect the sources.... but they like looking at large battles... and could be a Star trek fan from the Bayou.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

What do you mean I lost...

And boy did I...

haha...actually it was annilation 12 to 10...but the 12 was my entire army...haha

stupid nids and their stupid Monsterous Creatures...Had my Chaplain assault but a Tyrant and some guard at the last turn...makes all his Invuln saves from the Tyrant...and in his Terminator Armour fails 2 armour saves...stupid lash-thingies making me initivite 1...haha

But I finally lost...and you know what...I feel like I did a great job...took out half the monsterous creatures and 6 full squads of little guys...haha

Sunday, January 17, 2010

In the Immortal Words...

Of that Russian secondary geeky nerd villian from that James Bond movie...

"I AM INVINISBLE..." I just have to make sure there is no liquid nitrogen around me when I say that...what do I mean you ask...for the past few weeks...I am unstopable...the Dice gods love me...The closest thing I have had was my draw against the Blood Angel guy from last monday but a Kill Point count up after the game put me flat out in the win catagory...

Now I will be the first to say I am not even close to one of the best players in the world...but as of late there is no competition...Do not get me wrong I would not doubt if tomorrows game if I can get one in...I would loose literally everyone but a scout...haha...

But todays last game it was 2 on Marines and orks vs Deathwing Terminators and Chaos Marines...I lost one Tactical Marine...I killed literally everything on my half of the the other half infront of me...and started on the other guys chaos stuff when the Deathwing guy said he was down to a Dreadnought and was calling it...


Friday, January 15, 2010

Gawd...I Love Fridays

Well another week has come and go...and still no job...but hey...plenty of time to spend with my daughter and whenever I dont have her that means I can paint some models...haha

got another Tact Sarge ready for well as some more Tact marines ready to be painted as they are already primed

Got a lunchen with an old friend tomorrow around 3...and then maybe a game or two tomorrow night...then DRINKING...yeah I like drinking...ha...pepsi and halo make a great mix...what did you think I was talking about...

More on the Blood Angels and their Doom...well your doom

The birds in the wind have sharp eyes, and report the following regarding the Blood Angels,

Victor and Unholt: An HQ monstrous creature: 1/1/6/4/4/3/4/10/4+, with a Techmarine handler & big assault gun.

-Seems like it could be fun...

Angels Sanguine Chapter Master Toledo: Rage and Fleet instead of Combat Tactics and Blood Rage.

Flesh Tearers Chapter Master Seth: Is in...

Sanguinary High Priest HQ: unit has: W:2 and grants a Rage (Blood Rage??) radius.

Captain Erasmus Tycho: 3+ Dodge save, Pride special rule and no Blood Rage.

Up to 8 Dreadnoughts: (2 Named HQ dreads if you play a mix of Flesh Tearers/Blood Angels), 6 normal FOC dreads possible.

-Now I wont lie I would run a Venerable Dread as an HQ with the old SW codex...and I run a proxy verson Bjorn of having up to 8 dreads is a bit of over kill...but an HQ dread is something I like to do...multiple things in one...HQ-check...Heavy Support-check....Elites choice-check

Tantalus Lander: 2 Twin Linked Assault Cannons, TL Plasmagun.

-A fly landraider would be fun to use...haha

Guards of the Tower of Amareo: Jump Troops with high I, WS,BS and "Exalted Blades"( Frost axe rules)

-Probably going to be Vanguard just about...only MORE HARDCORE...haha

Rhinos are fast: with a "severe damage table"
-but the question everyone is asking...will they be assault rhinos...haha

New Baal Predator and Venerable dreadnought: with twin close combat weapon options.

Death Company: lose rending, retain Feel No Pain, Furious Charge, and continue the effects of Furious Charge if they win combat!

-well darn that rending was always a nice thing to have...


Exalted Assault Squad: Winged jump packs, rapier-like blades, wrist-mounted stormbolters, masks.

Blood Angels Scouts: Scouts, but very post-apocalyptic feeling - like Fallout or Mad Max - chains, close combat weapons, the complete opposite to the generic neat vanilla scouts.

Blood Angel Assault Squad: Assault marines with Blood Angel regalia. (possible Melta pistol bits seen here).

Twin Death Company releases: Two boxes with jump packs, one black armor, one red armor, bareheaded, banner, storm shields.

Tantalus Lander: kind of flying droppod with wings, land raider front, assault cannons under fuselage

Victor and Unholt: basic Techmarine and a new creature: a Tech-Hulk stitched together from a bunch of techno gear-(right arm is a four barreled cannon)

Venerable Dreadnought

Predator (with Baal variant parts)

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Got another Sarge Done...

Quick and tabletop ready...literally...haha

I seem to be running my Sarges for the Ultra Templar with a Powerfist and Plasma Pistol...both seem to make their points back within 2 turns or so...sooo I see no need to swap out items as of yet...

Basic idea of a Squad is a Sarge w/Powerfist, Plasma Pistol, 9 more guys a Melta and a Heavy Bolter...or a Multi-Melta if I am facing more then one Land Raider...or more then two tanks...I hate tanks...and tanks hate me Double D6...haha everyone wins...except those tanks...

Also Jawaballs is right a Baal Predator can take out a Land Raider...I dont know if I said that the other day...or heck if I told you about my game against the Blood Angels guy...Turn one...I lost my Land Raider to Rending...I was shocked...and amazed...but hey if you can't afford to loose the vehcale then you probably did not need to bring it...haha...Still won the game but it made the game that much closer...haha

Pic of the side view of the Sarge...9 more guys to go and I will have 3 tact squads painted up with the 10 snipers...I am thinking of painting up some Assault Marines...see how that goes...I need to get back on track with my Soul Drinkers too...

Infantry points for Jan: Total = 6

Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Here's something with some meat to pick at rather than what we were left with in previous threads when they got locked. I got this from The.Justinian at the BoLS Lounge. Sources seem to be a congolmeration of several including Bolter And Chainsword, Warseer and others mentioned below.
Originally Posted by Duke
So I saw this on a German site (linked into from Warseer)...
plastic boxes:
Blood Angel Assault Squad
Honour Guard
Land Raider Tantalus

army wide special rule: Furious Charge
9 Unique Characters, 7 Blood Angels, 3 variants of Tycho
Mephiston over 300 points!
cybots: cheaper
Furioso AV 13, normal: fast attack, venerable: elites
Scouts: fleet of foot, without sergeant: rage
Assault Squad: troops
Tactical Squad sergeant: Devastor weapons twin-linked if fired at targets in proximity to auspex
Honour Guard and veterans one entry, lots of options, may assault after deepstrike
new fast attack with wings, S5 weapons, stormbolters an fall back
death company fully optional, not bound by number of squads
Devastor: lascannon cheaper than space wolves
new Land Raider with lots of assault cannons

"With an almost legendary reputation for the speed and ferocity of their assaults, expect brutal Deep Strike attacks, super-charged Rhinos and a whole host of exciting new options." (, retrieved Jan 12 2010)

Does exciting new options mean things like a new Land Raider Variant with perhaps 3x TL assault Cannons? Or other goodies we may have dismissed earlier? page 20, post #197
1) It turned out that most of the Tyranid stuff from Germany was true. I think We can think of this as preview, some of it wrong, most of it right.Either someone is very good at taking snippets and piecing them together without making mistakes, or has learned how to pick through GW's garbage exceptionally well.

2) I'm going to take this data and conjecture what we can about the likely army list unless there's an FOC modulation as there was with SWolf HQ's.

I'm doing this to project what we know, what we have from the rumors, and what we are sure to be pushed to buy into a coherent whole. I'm trying to leverage the unique points of BA as I recall the SW dex everything that was special about the wolves got its amps turned up to eleven. We have no reason to think otherwise.

Call this a wishlist if you like. I call it an intelligence assessment.
(from BunBun @ warseer
Dante- As is now but axe will be +1S. Can take an honor guard assault squad.
Lemartes- Can restrain the Death company.
Corbulo- Will allow unit he joins to be Fearless and Feel no Pain. Grail counts as a holy relic.
Moriar- Death Company Venerable Furioso Dreadnought. Nearly duble the number of attacks of a normal dreadnought.
Tycho- Gives preferred enemy against Orks.
Sergeant special character- No details as yet.
(end BunBun)
Captain (unlocks and honor guard (conjecture); unlocks troop bikers per SM dex (conjecture).
SC's etc. (Conjecture, some kind of character that enhances flamers; makes dreads scoring, etc.)

Veterans/Honor Guard
(rumored elsewhere from biglou) SC dread w/1-3 bodyguard of other dreads (deathco), takes up a heavy slot too.
Terminators that are esp. good at teleports (noted in press release text)
Venerable (Venerable Furioso)
Scouts? (might end up in Troops or FA; they're fleet, which is interesting.
Techpriest (incl. special one ordered. Conjecture: the SC will Bless vehicles to move as fast, or else move fast with him in them.)

Assault Squad, some # of free p'pistols and two Assault weapons. conjecture: Storm shield option for sgt.
Tacsquad with Auspex sgt, supercharged rhinos. (conjecture: one Tac can take an LR dedicated; would allow LR's on field given crowding in HS. They want us to buy the special LR pretty bad, right?)
Conjecture: Cheaper upgrade on Razorback to Heavy flamers/assault cannon.
Scouts? (with a box set on release this is going to have some push to it, don't know if it will be an abundance or a quality push).

Squad with wings (exalted assault sqad) (likely vampire angel aesthetic) will DS, Storm Bolters, S5 sword (frost axe analogue). (conjecture: likely to have an invulnerable save).
Land Speeder Storm with (at least) fluff on scouts riding to hackzone in it. Possible rule allowing scouts to disembark/assault on turn of landing (I believe that Codex marines can't?). Conjecture: Possible ability to squad up LSS's. Possible rule allowing cerebus launcher to affect other nearby squads.
Furioso Dread, has fleet, maybe hellhound template projection ability (or upgrade to it).
(possibility of Baal pred here when unlocked by a character)
Scout bikers with a (conjectural) heavy flamer option.
Bikers with a Heavy flamer option, maybe an attack bike with some kind of large template weapon.
The rumored flying vehicle. I'm very incredulous that this will show up personally, but if it does I call a 'baby thawk' that'll transport tac squads (perhaps only 5/6 models) and have weaponry along the lines of 2 MLs and TLAC. Will definitely have the iconic D-Day landing craft meme-ramp if it does.

Fancy Land Raider (with assault cannons?)
Fancy Devastators with cheap LC, (CONJECTURE) maybe ability to shoot from moving rhino.
Ironclad Dread (with the push for dreads this will land here, perhaps with an option for a hellhound weapon)
Baal Pred, possibly with new sponson options or POMS. Possibility of swapping turret w/Assault cannons for a hellhound weapon.

EDIT: added stuff from this thread to the cognate:

Sunday, January 10, 2010

The First Paint Job

And my Camera Battery is dead...and my cell phone is charging...son of a...

Well none the less I finally painted up my last 5 sniper scouts as well as my Ironclad Dreadnought...all for the Ultra Templar Chapter...this will give me two sniper bases to shoot from if needed...

But none the less I got them painted up for Jan's points...I might get another tact squad started this month...hopefully...


also as I write this post my Cell Phone is done charging so how about some quick shots...

Sooo that is 5 Infantry and 1 Dreadnought equals 10 points total...

Friday, January 8, 2010

Gawd...I Love Fridays

No really I do...but I am already behind on my painting minimum for the year...hopefully sunday night I can get some scouts painted up and maybe another dreadnought...haha

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Awesome News for the Sons of Baal

Yep...just logged in to some site over there concerning other 40k material...and BOOM


Yep...seems that maybe late March is their due date and they should be keeping my Assault Marines as troop choices...going to miss my snipers as troops but hey no one wins everything...haha

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

On a Roll of Awesome Dice...

Well lately my games were a bit of a hit or miss...either I tied or got all our like many people I bought a new set of dice as my awesome dice set were dying on my more then I would like them to...

and low and behold since last monday back in 2009 against a Chaos Khorne List with Kharn himself at 2000 points against my Ultra Templar 2000 point list...all I lost was 4 assault marines my Chaplain in Terminator Armour and that was even attacked the Chaos was great...haha

Kharn jumped out of the Land Raider as the Drop Pod came down and got hit with a Melta shot point blank and 16 some odd rapid fire was awesome...why so much focused fire on one guy...well first off I had a Kharn model...painted up quite nice too thank you...and he was a beast in Close Combat...whole squads would die painfully...second...well the land raider just got popped by my Crusaders Multi-Melta and wrecked...then to top it all off...the squad of Bezekers right next to him were also rapid fired to death so he was the only target in was fun...

The other day on Saturday I went up against a Necron Player who does the Warith Wing of doom...tied them up with an Ironclad Dread for 4 turns as my other guys took out the was fun...we made it to the end of turn 5 I finished off the last of his 75% of guys thus making him phase no need to roll for turn 6...haha

Next game was against him and another necron player...with me and a Nid guy and another SM player...3k vs 3k...lets just say Telion and their snipers made their due back by taking out a whole squad of heavy destroyers turn one...turn two they finished off the destroyers...turn three the other heavy destroyers...turn 4 anything they could shoot was 138 points really made them selves back up...3+ cover save for the win...haha...once again able to phase him out...but at the end of turn 4...both of them at the sametime...Drop Pods are my new favorite item of doom...rapid fire into the warriors and laugh at them as the remaining ones get assault by assault terminators...haha

Sundays game was a 3 way battle how these work two guys duke it out and the third comes in for the win or it turns out to be a 2 on 1 game...well this one was not...nids vs chaos vs me and my awesome marines...haha

chaos was able to take out two monsterous creatures I took out another one...and finished off chaos as chaos took out a tactical squad...scouts shooting the hell out of was great...

I tied with the nids that game...

Last Night was a blast as well...2k Me vs 2k was capture and controll the other guys base one...I even brought in some assault marines for the killing in close combat...all they did was use bolt pistols and the plasma pistol in the squad...(he died by the way...) but by the end of the game I had my scouts and sternguard still in my base and my entire army that was left (which was a lot) in his...only thing left of his on the field was a wrecked dreadnought and his Marshall and command squad in a Razorback racing towards my base to contest it...unfortantly I forgot to move my entire army the second turn so we had to go the whole five rounds...haha

dont worry...he forgot to move his razorback on turn 4...haha

Friday, January 1, 2010

Gawd...I Love Fridays

no really I do...I had my daughter last night so this was my first sober New Years in ohhh...since I was old enough to drink really...haha...and I dont mean 21 either...haha

but none the less HAPPY NEW YEAR...

made it all through 2009 without being shot at once...except in video games...and boy did my Marines get shot at...a lot...haha