Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Sang Priest 1

Well I used a Death Company Jump Pack to make it even more awesome...But that will be his basic loadout...Jump Pack, Power Weapon, Inferus Pistol (Melta Pistol)...

I have two of these guys run in the game and they make up their points every game...

Monday, May 24, 2010

Sang Priest

Well everyone is getting on my case about running my Apothocaries without jump packs as priest with Jump Packs...

sooo...I am going to be taking some of those new Blood Angel Honour Guards and some DC jump packs (the new plastic ones) and throwing on a Apothocary gauntlet and say suck on it...haha

unfortantly my phone is charging so hopefully tomorrow night or so I can show the first of 2 or maybe 3...

Friday, May 21, 2010

GAwd...I Love Friday

WEll I completely forgot about my weekly post on friday last week...haha...been way to busy to even put anything together...I get a chance to play games but that is about it...

That is not true though...I have just grown lazy...ARRGGGGG

I need to find a new woman to light a fire under my butt or something...haha

WellI think this one would be a good one...haha

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Had a Blast over the weekend...

I played nothing but Blood Angels and lets put it this only real effort was against Bjorn himself...not the army with him...and another BA player...


Saturday I played 3 Games...the first two I was helping some new people play the game so I took it a bit easy on them...showed them how units move and fire their weapons and the I purposely forgot about Feel no Pain and my power weapons and such in my army...still won but it was a bit harder...haha

3 Game was my BA army vs Bjorn and his wolves...I literally killed his entire army off...only for Bjorn to walk forward to stop everything in my army that even how to spell that word...haha

his stupid 5+ invuln or Venerable status just sucked...haha

Sunday was mothers day...hope everyone spent it with a mom...haha

Monday got 2 games in...First was my BA vs a mixed army of Eldar and Tau...I got worried but in the end only lost 3 kill points for my entire army...granted there was only 7 units left in my army but that was enough for 1 guy per squad and the two dreads...haha

Monday night I learned that when playing against another BA player who played nothing but Death Company...get the charge off...and do not get charged...haha

I saw what happens on the recieving end of Blood Talons...A DC Dread w/Blood Talons took out a 10 Man Assault Squad and Sang Priest in one himself...haha

stupid fleet...haha

But turn 3 allowed me to charge him...and it came down to my 2k army only had 10 kill points and I had my two dreads left on the field...he had just 2 rhinos and a DC squad left...he got 8 Kill Points I got 10+...but I lost a heck of a lot more guys...haha

All in All it was a great time...everyone had fun...and I learned not to get charged by BA armies...haha

Friday, May 7, 2010

Gawd...I am a slacker...and I love Fridays...



nothing new...Daughter turned 4 last wed...trying to still find a new full time job...

and that is about it...haha