Friday, January 15, 2010

More on the Blood Angels and their Doom...well your doom

The birds in the wind have sharp eyes, and report the following regarding the Blood Angels,

Victor and Unholt: An HQ monstrous creature: 1/1/6/4/4/3/4/10/4+, with a Techmarine handler & big assault gun.

-Seems like it could be fun...

Angels Sanguine Chapter Master Toledo: Rage and Fleet instead of Combat Tactics and Blood Rage.

Flesh Tearers Chapter Master Seth: Is in...

Sanguinary High Priest HQ: unit has: W:2 and grants a Rage (Blood Rage??) radius.

Captain Erasmus Tycho: 3+ Dodge save, Pride special rule and no Blood Rage.

Up to 8 Dreadnoughts: (2 Named HQ dreads if you play a mix of Flesh Tearers/Blood Angels), 6 normal FOC dreads possible.

-Now I wont lie I would run a Venerable Dread as an HQ with the old SW codex...and I run a proxy verson Bjorn of having up to 8 dreads is a bit of over kill...but an HQ dread is something I like to do...multiple things in one...HQ-check...Heavy Support-check....Elites choice-check

Tantalus Lander: 2 Twin Linked Assault Cannons, TL Plasmagun.

-A fly landraider would be fun to use...haha

Guards of the Tower of Amareo: Jump Troops with high I, WS,BS and "Exalted Blades"( Frost axe rules)

-Probably going to be Vanguard just about...only MORE HARDCORE...haha

Rhinos are fast: with a "severe damage table"
-but the question everyone is asking...will they be assault rhinos...haha

New Baal Predator and Venerable dreadnought: with twin close combat weapon options.

Death Company: lose rending, retain Feel No Pain, Furious Charge, and continue the effects of Furious Charge if they win combat!

-well darn that rending was always a nice thing to have...


Exalted Assault Squad: Winged jump packs, rapier-like blades, wrist-mounted stormbolters, masks.

Blood Angels Scouts: Scouts, but very post-apocalyptic feeling - like Fallout or Mad Max - chains, close combat weapons, the complete opposite to the generic neat vanilla scouts.

Blood Angel Assault Squad: Assault marines with Blood Angel regalia. (possible Melta pistol bits seen here).

Twin Death Company releases: Two boxes with jump packs, one black armor, one red armor, bareheaded, banner, storm shields.

Tantalus Lander: kind of flying droppod with wings, land raider front, assault cannons under fuselage

Victor and Unholt: basic Techmarine and a new creature: a Tech-Hulk stitched together from a bunch of techno gear-(right arm is a four barreled cannon)

Venerable Dreadnought

Predator (with Baal variant parts)

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