Friday, May 8, 2009

The Commander of the Army...

Which is better...

I mean think about it you have in essense four choices: The Warrior (Captain/Chapter Master), The Monk (Chaplain), The Mechanic (Master of the Forge), and then The Wizard (Librarian). Each one is a powerful warrior in their own right, each one able to take out almost anything thrown in front of them...

But I ask this question...Which one is worth the price...Each one starts at 100 points, the main difference is the Captain/Chapter Master start with a Bolt Pistol and Chainsword where the Librarian starts with a Bolt Pistol or Bolter with a Force Weapon the Chaplain is in the same boat with his Bolt Pistol or Bolter with his Crozius Arcanum (ie blunt object power weapon of death). Even the Master of the Forge comes with a Bolt Pistol/Bolter option and then he gets a Servo-harness for free. Yes the stat lines the Captain and Chapter Master both have the same stat lines the only difference is the Chapter Master cost 25 more points, but they both have a Weapon Skill of 6 and a Balistic Skill of 5. No one else in the codex has that good of a stat line, people come close with a Weapon Skill of 5 or a Balistic Skill of 5 to match them but their weapon skill of 6 will lay down a hurting on a lot of things.

But stat line aside I am talking points here...who comes out on top with the same weapon stats.

Captain - 100 points
Power W - 15 Points
Bolter - Free
Total Cost = 115 Points

Librarian - 100 points
Force Wea - Free
Bolter - Free
Total Cost = 100 points

Chaplain - 100 Points
Power We - Free
Bolter - Free
Total Cost = 100 Points

Master of Forge - 100 Points
Servo Ha - Free
Bolter - Free
Total Cost = 100 Points

For a Basic Command Unit 100 Points for everyone but the Captain he comes out at 115 Points for the Power Weapon basic cost.

Now most people will run with a Storm bolter for the gun in their HQ units...I myself use either a Storm Bolter or some sort of Combi-Bolter, but lets stick with the Storm Bolter, Terminator Armour Basic.

Captain - 100 Points
Termi/Storm B/Power S - 40 Points
Total = 140 Points

Librarian - 100 Points
Termi/Storm B/Force W - 55 Points
Total = 155 Points

Master of the Forge - 100 Points
Termi/Storm B/Power S - Not a choice
Total - 100 Points

Chaplain - 100 Points
Termi/Storm B/Power W - 30 Points
Total = 130 Points

So Point Wise in Terminator Armour the Chaplain wins by 10 points alone.

So points alone the Chaplain has become a very useful HQ unit, put him in the Terminator Armour and throw on a 5 man Terminator Squad with Assault Cannon that would only be 360 points and that includes two power weapons, four power fist, five storm bolters and an assault cannon. That will lay down a massive amount of fire power as I have done this before and plan on doing it again.

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