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Chapter Masters of the 41st Millennium

Chapter Masters of the 41st Millennium

To be one of these men is to be almost a God amongst men. His combat prowess are unmatched, for not only being a Space Marine, he has fought as every member of the chapter from the lowly Scout, to a Battle Brother, as well as a Captain. All these years of war have trained him in the tools of slaughter and honed his wits to the level of instinct.
With the simplest of glances, a Chapter Master can look upon a battlefield and see any weak spots in his own lines as well as those of the enemy. Able to watch the flow of a battle, and be assured of victory when all other think the battle lost.

What a Chapter Master can do.
The basic Chapter Master comes with a Chainsword, Bolt Pistol, Frag and Krak Grenades, Power Armour and an Iron Halo to boot…at a whopping 125 points. But hey…He can call in an Orbital Bombardment which can more or less blow up anything one turn the entire game. Now if only he could do that every turn he wanted…HAHA…that would be sick I know…

There are three main types of Chapter Master which I will go over in a quick less than 20 minutes of your life type thingy…

Power Armour Chapter Master
The normal Chapter Master will more than likely walk around in his Power Armour or in some cases have his own Artificer Armour which you can replace on his model instead of basic Power Armour. The Artificer Armour by itself gives the Chapter Master an Armour Save just like that of a Space Marine in Terminator Armour, but does not come with the 5+ Invulnerable save that the Terminators get.

Now the Chapter Master has access to any and all weapons that his Chapter can wield so most people if they deal with a Chapter Master will give him some neat toys to rip apart the enemies of the Imperium.

I would instantly give the man Melta bombs flat out…I mean really he is the Chapter Master he is going to want to blow stuff up from time to time…I mean I know I am right… A Digital Weapon for the re-roll in the assault phase. Then throw on an Auxiliary Grenade Launcher and he will be good to go with just a Bolt Pistol and Chainsword…ha-ha… That launcher will make him go all Predator on the enemy…ha-ha

But he is the Chapter Master and no self-respecting Chapter Master of a Space Marine Chapter would willingly go into battle with a Bolt Pistol and Chainsword and call it done… Some sort of Power Sword or Lightning Claw is what is needed if not then a Thunder Hammer, maybe a Power Fist, but I always thought of a Power Fist as a sergeant type weapon. Maybe swap out the Bolt Pistol for a Storm Bolter or a combi-weapon and really make him shine.

Assault Chapter Master
This is the Chapter Master who takes it to the enemy, the Chapter Master who rips out the enemy’s entrails and shoves them down the throat of the next enemy and makes them chew every last bite. Just like the Power Armour Chapter Master throw on some Artificer Armour for the save of 2+. I mean really he is the Chapter Master I think the guy deserves a set of this stuff…

There are two choices here both come with a face pace squad of heavy hitters and the rest of the squad comes with the same options…when you pay for it of course. Ha-ha… The Jump Pack and the Space Marine Bikes are both great choices. Give the Chapter Master a Power Weapon/ Fist/ Thunder Hammer to hit everything he can as he drives or jumps around with Melta bombs and this guy by himself will be a force to be reckoned with. But because of that he will need a squad as backup to take a few hits a guy like him would be my first target…but he would have enough speed to get out of a lot of situations before they get out of hand…

Terminator Chapter Master
He who is untouchable. He who has walked through the valley of death and smacked everyone around. He who has well…done everything…A walking, talking, shooting, smacking everyone around him that he wants tank. Slap this man in the Terminator Armour. Storm Bolter and Power Sword standard…I mean really does he need anything else. I would say yes…get rid of that sword and give the man a hammer…If you are going all out use a hammer on the way out leaves a bigger hole in the area you went through.

Maybe even put on a Storm Shield just for kicks and show the enemy that their weapons ain’t gonna touch you but when you get there you are going to touch them…really hard…

*I tried to keep the points of everything out of this little sorry in advance if I wrote down to much info...I just wanted to give some pointers on the new codex because I cannot find my old copy of what I had written down.

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