Thursday, May 21, 2009

Honour Guard of the 41st Millennium

Honour Guards of the 41st Millennium

For a Space Marine to have become a member of the Chapters Honour Guard is for this Marine to have fulfilled many centuries of extraordinarily bold service. To be a member of the Chapters Honour Guard is to be a living example of what Guilliman himself intended for every Space Marine to be known as.
Most Chapters however can only field a handful of Honour Guard, enough of course to make a fighting force on the field or even a Chapter Master’s retinue, a few of the older and larger Chapters can often gather together as many as two dozen Honour Guards. That is a extraordinary and terrible day when they all fight as solitary unit.

What the Honour Guard can do.
The minimum squad number one can take with them into battle is a three man squad, two Honour Guards as well as one Chapter Champion. Each member comes already armed in Artificer Armour a Power Weapon, Frag and Krak Grenades, a Boltgun as well as a Bolt Pistol. To make it even better the Chapter Champion may replace his Boltgun with a Combat Blade.

The Chapter Champion also has the option to replace his power sword with a Thunder Hammer…which is nice…I know…as well as take the options of digital lasers. Any one of the members of the Honour Guard is allows to take a relic blade as well as an auxiliary grenade launcher…I just think Predator whenever I see that…a little servo gun on the shoulder blowing stuff up…I mean that would just be sweet I know.

On top of that the Chapter Champion may re-roll any miss to hit or any wounds he misses in the assault phase thus giving him a greater chance of defeating anyone in front of him...To make it even better if you have the Chapter Banner with the squad any squad within a 12" range is allowed to re-roll any failed Morale, Pinning test. In addition to the fact that the unit with the Chapter Banner all get an extra attack, with the addition of adding an extra wound in close combat on top of it...

You can also take up to seven more men to max out the squad at ten men and a force to be reckoned with but you will of course be paying for it. Each additional Honour guard is about the cost of two regular Tactical Marines.

And let us not forget about the Rhino, Drop Pods or even the Razorback for those smaller Honour Guard squads. Those dedicated transports are of course available to those who know how to use them…and even to those who don’t…ha-ha

If you have the 9 man squad with Captain you would want to use either a Rhino or a Drop-Pod to get them there...A Rhino will be able to move after your first turn though...worst case the rhino would become a cover save if destroyed...

If you have a 5 man Honour Guard plus the Captain get the Razorback the weapons on it make up for it on top of moving like a Rhino...

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