Tuesday, May 5, 2009

How to make a Stormbolter/Power Weapon

Ok...Sorry I did not take any as the project was going on pictures...all I have are some after it was finished

But first one

Guardian Spear...only better...(ie what the Custodes use)

I took the staff from the Chaos Terminator Lord cut off the top...then I took two bolters and cut off the handles and shaved a side off each one and glue those two together then I glued them to the staff...I even used Chaos Bolters...so I had to cut off the spikes and the grining mouth that the bolter shells come out of...then I put a purity seal over the left over mouth just in case...then I went an added a axe head from the Power Axe off the Chaos Terminators Spruce and shaved it down to where only a little bit of the axe base was used to hold down the well you will see the pictures how about that...and glued that to the bottom of the bolters

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  1. Shortsonfire79 give this a +1 awesomeness....maybe 2. =-D