Thursday, June 25, 2009

Well my Chaos List...

I am going to be using a few of my guys as Chaos Marines from here on the little bit of fluff hinted guys fell...Hard...about half turned to Chaos and only about a 1/3 of the loyalist made it out of there alive...pretty much 3 tact squads, half the terminators the scouts of course and the dreads are all that is left of my loyalist forces...

The 1250 List of Chaos is as follows

Daemon Prince - (will be using one of my Terminator Chaplains until I get a good model)
w/wings and Mark of Khorne = 140 pts

Chaos Lord
w/Mark of Slaanesh, Daemon Weapon, Terminator Armour = 150 pts

w/a second close combat weapon = 100 pts

Chaos Marine Squad x10
Champion w/Power Fist
Flamer and Heavy Bolter, Icon of Khorne, Rhino = 255 pts

Thousand Sons Squad x8+Sorcerer
Doombolt, Rhino = 289 pts

Khorne Berzerker x12
Champion w/Power Weapon, Melta Bomb
2 Plasma Pistols = 317


It comes to 1251 points but I am sure the other guy won't mind a single point to my advantage...haha...

As time goes on I plan on adding some Obilts...Raptors, more Chaos Marines and Plague Marines as well as some Terminators that have joined up with the Chaos Marines I have here...

my 1750 point list has 20 more marines in one whole squad and three terminators to just mess with people...haha...I thought that would be cool...

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