Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The Assault Terminators

I was able to finally use up the AoBR Terminator Sergeants I got with my AoBR Tact squads I bought off ebay a few months ago finally...haha...I had of course enough Thunder Hammers and Twin Lightning Claws to do 10 Terminators but they give you enough bodies to do I cut some heads out put some freaking sweet helmets on a few and glued on the other weapons...I just need a torso for my last Thunder Hammer guy and I will have 10 Assault Terminators...Sick I know...but for 400 points I think I can kill a lot with these guys...

And now onto there Freaking Sweet Helmets...

The Thunder Hammer leading Sergeant...I just need to find a cool head...

Two other Thunder Hammer Weilding Terminators

There are two more of them but I dont have bases for them yet...*I used up a few of my AoBR Terminator Sergants I had to make this work this far...just not enough bases...haha*

These are the Twin Lightning Claw Terminators...Three have Grey Knight Style Helmets and two have Hawk Helmets because I just finally found a use for them...haha

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