Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Some Legion of the Damned Models...

Of all the legends of the Imperium, the strangest by far is the that of the Legion of the Damned. These silent warriors are Space Marines in appearance, their black armour adorned with chilling images of bones and fire, yet they are not of any Chapter under the Emperor's sun. Most eyewitnesses dispute even the Legionnaires' mortality, for an eerie glow suffuses their sable armour and a halo of ghostly fire dances about their feet. There are many corroborated accounts of Legionnaires enduring firepower that would annihilate mortal men.

And so I will be making a 5 man squad for now...maybe later on I will make a full ten man squad...but for now here are the first two Legion of the Damned Squad members...

Yes I know I need to get rid of the Chainswords as the codex does not say that they have a close combat weapon...but you know what...I dont care...my Legion of the Damned are hardcore...er...haha

The Five man squad will consist of this...

Sergeant with Power Fist and Bolt Pistol
2 Bolter LoTD Marines
1 LoTD Missile Launcher Marine
1 LoTD Flamer Marine

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  1. These are looking good dude, can't wait to see them painted.