Friday, October 2, 2009

Gawd...I Love Friday

Soo then...yeah I know I owe you what half a dozen pictures...either my battery was dead in the camera or I missplaced it somewhere in the house...



but I just did a Soul Drinker in a Black Wash after I had finished painting it...I cannot really tell a big or even medium to small difference...but I will hit up the other 9 Soul Drinkers...

If I like how the 10 turn out I can do the other 6 tact squads with those colors and call it done...haha

But I am restarting my Chaos Army...the Fallen Templar will have a Warsmith as their Commanding Officer...hmmm...wonder if he might have been one of those Techmarines that Survived...haha...Just waiting on my Warsmith to get here...pick up some silver and yellow and go to town...haha

Also I started up a Mordheim army...I tried out the Witch Hunters but the only person I would win against one really...haha lost every game but one of them...and that was my first game with the other guys that knew how to play...haha

Well after my last loss with my Witch Hunters (IE...everyone but my henchmen (bowmen on top of it) dying) I decided to start a new army...went through the other list and did not see anything that caught my eye...Then someone said something about unoffical list...and seeing that no one in the group had a problem with that...I started a Beast of Chaos army for Mordheim...first game I trounced...everyone has Base 2-Attacks, 4-Strenght, 4-Toughness, was great...I mean think about it...these guys could probably taken on some Space Marines with those stats...haha

I have been waiting for sunday to roll back around so I can catch up with the guys and gals of the group and go at it again...I even bought a few models for my army so I won't have to use someone elses Fantasy models...haha

I will post pictures of all this hopefully soonish...haha if I am lucky anyway...haha

Also I was watching TV the other night and I saw this hot blond playing this character...I was sitting there thinking...I know this woman from somewhere...and seeing that I have never been to Hollywood I would assume she was in a TV show I use to watch...and if I remembered her it had to be a Sci-Fi type show...haha

OH THANK GOD...I was about here and my computer just closed down IE...I was opening up another page to many I guess and overloaded the processing power of this mighty XP computer..haha

So before it happens again I am going to leave you with this Picture...of the mighty Jeri Ryan...Gawd I wish I could remember what show it was...but I think she was going to be a repeating character if not a character on the show itself...

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