Friday, October 2, 2009

Those Pictures I promised...

Ok I don't know what happened...these are some of the worse pictures I have ever taken

but hey I got you something at least this time


These are the high points of my models though I won't lie...each one of them has the same chalice on their shoulder pad...Cause you know being Soul Drinkers and all...haha

Except for this guy...if you know about the Black Templar and Crimson Fist Chapters you know at one time the two joined forces in an ad-hoc fashion to fight an enemy...and yes they did win...

But think about it...the Soul Drinkers are suppose to be a Second Founding just like those two...flat out end of story...except their entire record has been what if they were there as well...would they not have had done the samething with their armour...I have two other guys with a knee pad painted but this one stands out the shoulder pad is a Black Templar Shoulder Pad...and painted as such the other is a stipped Shoulder Pad with Crimson Fist Red, Soul Drinkers Purple, and Black Templars well black...haha

This one that you can barely see is the Chalice and DORN written over the top of that...

Also some very badly taken photos of my Mordhiem army of Beastmen of Chaos...haha

I am going to redo these pictures after I watch a few of those..."HOW TO TAKE A FREAKIN PHOTO YOU STUPID MORON" lessons on You Tube or something...because it seems I am a bit of a tard tonight...haha


  1. Couple things to take better pics...

    Get a tripod for your camera (mine's a handheld digital camera. found a small 4" tall tripod for $12 online)

    Set a timer. Even pressing the button sometimes shakes the camera enough to get a little blur. Set a 2 second timer (if your cam has it), so nothing's shaking when it goes off.

    Get a small photography light-box with lamps. I got one off ebay for around $20. I think there's a tutorial on The Painting Corps blog to make one yourself, if you'd rather. Good lighting will really bring out those colors.

  2. I like the Beastmen of Chaos. They look awesome. :)

  3. Well thanks man...I am trying to get a few other things in line before I actually make that box...haha