Friday, October 9, 2009

Iron Within, Iron Without

Well all but my Warsmith is completed on my Chaos Army of Iron Warriors...

and when I say Completed I mean just glued together...haha


Warsmith: Combi-Bolter, Power Fist
Pts: 125


Iron Warriors x8: w/Flamer, Aspiring Champion w/Power Sword
pts: 155

Iron Warriors x9: w/Melta, Aspiring Champion w/Power Fist
pts: 185

This puts me at 470...I add in two more guys and I have a 500 point Iron Warriors Army...

The Entire Warband minus of course the Warsmith as he has yet to arrive from Gameworkshop...

This little sword here is actually something I wanted to try...I cut the sharp pointy tip off the sword itself and used a well clear triangle piece of hard plastic from a CD container and glued it on there...I am thinking I leave the clear plastic alone and paint up the rest of the sword and see where is goes from there...

If I want to push past the 500 point mark all I would need to do is just add my 1k Sons squad in with a Rhino and give my guy with the cool sword a combi-melta like he has in the picture...and go from would be 1k worth of points I add in a Khorne Squad without rhino but 12 guys altogether...1250...I add a land raider...haha of DOOOOM

Also this is post can't believe I am still doing this...haha

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