Thursday, December 31, 2009

Last day of the year...

and the new Decade starts tomorrow...or would that actually be 2011 that the decade would start...ehhh no worries either way...

I feel as though I have painted a good bit of my marines up this my goal of 1500 points worth of Ultra Templar painted and ready to go...3 tact squads of Soul Drinkers were painted up and more marines then you could shake a stick at were assembled...haha

So for 2010 I am going to be trying to jump on the point system of painting as well...

my goal will be 120 points for the year...or rougly 10 points a month...which is a tact squad a month or a rhino...haha

The formula
I obviously won't be painting exactly the same proportion number of infantry, cavalry, monster and vehicle models so I need a way to compare one set of models to another. Here is the formula I came up with.

•Infantry = 1 point
•Cavalry or bikes = 2 points
•Monster or Dreadnought = 5 points
•Vehicle = 10 points
•Superheavy vehicle = 20 points
My aim for 2009 is to score 100 points or more.

so yeah this is a quote from the Lone Pilgram painting blog...soo my goal as of 2010 is going to be 120 points...and when the blood angels come out the Infantry count should go up 20+ points right there from my assault my assault marines better be troop choices or I will be pissed...haha

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