Monday, July 27, 2009

Some Copy and Paste

I enjoy going to I have found quite a number of useful tutorials as well as posted a few of my own to make sure you see the cool stuff...

I am going to copy and paste it onto my blog here...with a direct link at the bottom to see the person's own work...

Cause I am cool like that...HAHA

Brick Wall Tutorial


Need a nice little piece of scenery to make your base or board stand out a bit. Here is a simple and quick way to add a nce piece of flair to that

Step 1. Get you a picec of foamcore! Cut it up cause this will be your main piece of the wall.

Step 2. VERY IMPORTANT YOU USE THIS OR SOMTHING SIMILAR. Get some type of sealent or putty to cover up the foam if not when you spray the primer it will get ruined, I recommend this

Step 3. Get some magazine subscription cards an cut them into strips then into little blocks, these will be your bricks.

Step 4. Glue your bricks onto the foamcore, in a brickwall pattern, the sizes of the actual bricks can be left up tp you.

Step 5. Time to spray the primer

Step 6. Paint. I like drybrushing it because it brings out the brick work. Here I painted it with all shades of grey, bleached bone, and white. Now your done!

Heres a example of it on a base:

The Link to the Real Brick Wall Tutorial...with Bad Spelling and all...haha


  1. Thats a good idea!


  2. Hey, nice work! I already had plans on making walls out of foamcore, but your idea about gluing on the brick pattern and then drybrushing them to highlight them out was ingenius.