Friday, February 26, 2010

Gawd...I Love Fridays

And now I will enjoy a Saturday that I drop off my daughter...

To be honest I do not enjoy a day like that...watching her leave with her mom really gets to me...but I know that I will see her the next I go on with my day...

But on the bright side is after I drop off my daughter I am heading to the FLGS for an Apoc game...and I am bring out the Marines...Roughly Translated One Full Battle Company...and a Crusader Army that comes out to be over 10k worth of Marines and points...that is also not including the Space Wolves I have...which most are painted...I think I can squeeze out 2k worth of Wolves on Foot to take the brunt of the first wave...

I found out last night that I have 25 SM Terminators and 5 more SW terminators...I am thinking of Teleporting most of them down in the rear of the enemies armour and ripping into them with Storm Bolters and Thunder Hammer/Chainfist Combos...haha

But I guess I will see how well I do tomorrow...Because I dont even know if I will get a teammate or will it be me against the store...haha

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  1. Boy, you and I are in the same boat with kids. Unfortunately my son lives 1100 miles away so he's only here for the summer, 3 days at Thanksgiving and a week at Christmas.

    Keep your chin up and enjoy your Saturday.

    BTW, thanks for the army advice on Rogue Trader (I'm waynecramp over there)