Friday, April 30, 2010

Gawd...I Love Fridays

Well tomorrow is my Daughters Birthday Party...just two days ago she turned 4 Years I cannot believe 12 more years she will be driving and in 14 more years she can go over seas by herself without even telling me or her mom...

But knowing her mom I will get blamed for that...haha

Well First off today will have the Pics from my Apoc Game last Saturday...sorry I did not post these earlier but I have been putting this blog of mine to the side a bit to often...hopefully I can get started on that Warhound Titan out of Plastic Card but hey who knows what will happen...I might sell all my 40k stuff and start a company or something like that...haha

I will say one camera does not send in the same frame every is quite annoying...haha

We did not have a lot of terrain on the field to make it go by it was me and another guy with 20k worth of SM stuff the other side had about 20k worth of every other army known to the was funny...Had a Baneblade and some sort of Shadowstorm or something like that...the Strenght D weapon was just a bit unfair I think but hey...he was on my team so I was not complaining...haha...

I even had 3k woth of Space Marine stuff I.E. my Battle Company in those rhinos sit there for all 3 turns and not do a thing...I had forgotten about them every movement turn...that was just sad on my part I know...I mean I have does this before but honestly our host/judge was sick and more or less let us do our thing as we had more then enough players to get a quick answer for any questions that came up...

We had a few pieces of terrain an old Imperium Building that had all my snipers in it...10 Scouts and Telion with a Vindicare Assassin...that thing got hit with on average 10 Orbital Bombardments or some sort every was one died...haha

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