Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Back for a quick post

Almost two years since my last post I have played the game of course but I have had some personal hick-ups along the way so if I update anytime after this is up in the air...but we will see I guess haha .... ONTO OTHER STUFF Night Lords
Well I finally bought the upgrade kit with the 10 helmets 10 shoulder pads and the power sword with shoulder pad... and needless to say to fill out what I have done so far with my night lords even with only one pad per marine...I am going to need probably three more of those kits...
and lets be honest here...I am not made of money...haha sooo... I am cheating AND USING THIS AWESOME STUFF
AND THEN THIS STUFF...because I have it...simple as other explaination...not enough green stuff are you happy...gawd
What do I end up with you ask... WELLLLLLLLL
And from here a black base coat when I get a chance and paint from there...not the best quality but hey third batch...haha

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